The funnel cake. Deep fried dough topped with powdered sugar or some sort of fruit topping is one of the most delicious and guilt free (said sarcastically with no truth to the statement) desserts there is! There is one funnel cake in particular from Tyler that has gone somewhat viral!

In a shop on north Grand in Tyler, they're creating some of the most talked about funnel cakes in East Texas. Candie's Funnel Cakes & Moore has created one fancy funnel cake that's gone viral across East Texan's Facebook feeds! With more than 1,200 likes, 128 shares and 104 comments at the time of this posting, I feel like I must drive by and sample the Strawberry Cheesecake Funnel Cake soon! This thing looks absolutely delicious and I could possibly gain a few pounds just by looking at this!

Seeing how today is Valentine's Day, Candie's, Funnel Cakes & Moore will be giving away free funnel cakes to all couples! They've done something very similar to this back during Thanksgiving too!

Once I try this out for myself I will definitely let you know what my taste buds think about it! Until then, my mouth will just be watering!

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