Do you guys remember Rhoda Morgenstern on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show?" Rhoda, played by Emmy award winning actress, Valerie Harper, was a character on the show, which eventually led to Harper getting her own spinoff show, Rhoda. Now Valerie Harper has just shared with the public that she is suffering with terminal brain cancer and has, maybe, three months to live.Harper told People Magazine that her cancer is, leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread into the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. People also reports that the actress has just about three months to live.

"I thought this is just not going to be good for comedy if the audience is out there worrying about their Rhoda," Harper said of her decision to keep her disease, which she fought with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation, private.

Valerie Harper is not only a TV actress, but she is a talented singer and dancer, appearing frequently on Broadway. I will always remember her appearances on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and her sitcom Rhoda. It was at a time in our country where women were finally out in the workforce and being more independent. Valerie and Mary were helping to pave the way for women -- quite a change from the '50s in our country.

I looked up to both Valerie Harper and women like her, as a little girl. Plus, the shows were "down right funny"! (I loved when Rhoda would call for her doorman Carlton.) Hilarious!

Now the talented actress has decided to make her health struggle public, in hopes of helping someone in the same position. What a brave woman and a fine example to everyone. I wish her all the best.