A Southwest Airlines flight was the scene of a bizarre confrontation Sunday.

The pilot for a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco turned the plane around and made an emergency landing after just 10 minutes when a man choked a woman after she reclined in her seat.

One witness said the woman did indeed push her seat back and the man "started choking her. She shouted for help and the crew came to see what happened. The man stayed very calm during the whole situation."

It's unclear how exactly the man was separated from the woman.

After the incident took place, the pilot made a call to return to Los Angeles, saying, "Evidently, we’ve got two passengers who are in a physical altercation, so we need to get turned around back to LAX."

No one has been arrested. The FBI continues to investigate the matter.

Everyone onboard, with the exception of the man who attacked the woman, were placed on another flight and made it safely to San Francisco.

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