We ran out of cereal in my house today. Ugh, I hate it when that happens.

My 9-year-old kiddo, Willow, loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Or at least she USED to. She has outgrown it and now she has moved on to Lucky Charms.

Being the frugal (translation: broke) mama jamma that I amma, the last time I went grocery shopping for cereal, I check out the price of the big box of Lucky Charms and then immediately went over to the "Offbrand" side of the aisle to see how much their version of Lucky Charms was.
She usually runs down the cereal aisle and gives me a commentary about all of the cereal mascots. There aren't any lady mascots on any of the cereals unless you consider a unicorn a lady.

Enter Offlimits Cereal stage left.

This brand has created a lady cereal mascot named Dash. Dash is a bunny rabbit who has lots of energy (probably because she ate so much of that cereal).
Dash looks like she jumped out of the 1980s, and oh, she's also a K-Pop fan! You can purchase the cereal at eatofflimits.com.

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