Calling all moms! Most of you, I'm certain, have run into to this little issue: when nature calls and you're in a public restroom with a baby and no stroller, then what do you do? Let me introduce you to the Babykeeper.  For moms who like to "wear" their babies, the Babykeeper is a must! (I wish I had come up with this idea, if makes so much sense). The genius behind this idea is Tonja King. When Tonja had to use the restroom with her six-month daughter in her arms, she realized that there was really no safe place, or clean place, that she could place her baby. Several years later, her sister had the same problem. They decided to remedy this problem and came up with the Babykeeper.

The hooks on the Babykeeper Hip Carrier let you to hang your baby up while you do your business. But that's not all the Babykeeper can do, use it in many places and many ways, like dressing and locker rooms.

Babykeeper is for babies 6-18 months old who can hold their heads up. The cost is $69.99 for the Babykeeper hip carrier, and $39.99 for the Babykeeper Basic, which lets you to hang your baby on the wall. The Babykeeper is sold on Mommysentials.