Attention all seniors we have compiled a list of great summer jobs in Tyler and Longview!

You are about to graduate and that means it's time to grow up,  no more summer days of sleeping-in until mid afternoon.

Before you start school in the fall it would be a great idea get some work experience under your belt.

Here are some ideas to kick start your job search in Tyler & Longview after the jump -- Good Luck and Best Wishes.


This job is not for the faint of heart.  You have to be really responsible for this one because parents are trusting you with their babies.  With school being out the demand for good babysitters sky rockets.

So go on out and introduce yourself around the neighborhood or maybe send the word out of Facebook that you are available to babysit.  (Bonus points if you are CPR and First Aid certified).

Lawn Care:

No one really wants to go out and mow the lawn after working a full day.  That's where you come into the picture.

If you have a truck and access to a lawn mower you can provide lawn care to clients.

Also, you can con a couple friends into helping and be able to expand you business to a couple of neighborhoods.

Grocery Store:

For my first job I worked at a local grocery store as a cashier but  there are a lot of other possibilities like bagging, stocking, or cleaning.

Working at a grocery store gives you a chance to work on customer service skills.

Many organizations have "Tuition Reimbursement" where an employer pays a percentage of your course in tuition -- definitely worth looking into.


Every town has a at least a couple of restaurants so why not wait some tables, hostess or work in the the kitchen.

The plus side to restaurant work is that when school starts up you can keep your job part time.  A lot of my friends wait tables a couple times a week even with a full school load.

Mall Jobs:

Working at a mall can be really chill.  For the most part you will go around and make everything look good, helping customers and completing sales transactions.

Some places even give discounts to employees so make sure you like the style before you apply.  Another benefit is that you will be a climate controlled area -- a definite plus here in Tyler & Longview.


Most internship's don't have a monetary compensation -- but you will gain a lot of real world experience which you can use on your resume.  Prospective employers like to see a solid work history.

An internship allows you to have proof that you are a great candidate to future employers.

Another advantage is that you will actually try a job or experience the field you are interested in doing for the rest of your life.

I did an internship and quickly realized that I didn't want to be Veterinarian after watching the Vet spay a cat.

In fact we are looking for interns here at the station -- ff you would like to send Jeff an email ( I am sure he would be more than happy to talk to you.