He's been talking about it for nearly a year now, among many other big projects that have already been released or will soon be released, Cody Jinks has finally begun dropping performances from his livestream concert late last year, and yeah, like the headline states, these cuts are transcendent.

So if you missed it, back in September, when folks were really growing tired of the pandemic, Jinks regaled fans with an amazing live stream acoustic concert. At the time the recording of the concert was only made available to fans who had purchased the live stream, but in what sounds like a '90s infomercial; now, for the first time ever it is being made available to the general public.

That's right folks, you can now own the album recorded from Cody Jinks' live stream concert last fall and when you do you'll get to enjoy all of these amazing brand new acoustic performances in your own living room over and over again. Adobe Sessions Unplugged, will be out on May 7th.

But wait there's more! Act now and we'll throw in this George Foreman Grill. Not really, you don't get the grill.

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Needless to say we're pumped -- and with this new version of "Rock And Roll" serving as a barometer of what's to come, looks like we're correct in being so.

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