To anyone who is currently working in the food service industry, THANK YOU. You keep the majority of our community fed, and even though some customers forget their manners, you're very much appreciated for the work that you do. That includes the staff at Cotton Patch Café here in Tyler which I visited this past weekend. Just after being seated with my wife we were informed about a new 5% charge to every bill, this temporary decision was made instead of raising menu prices.

I was blown away upon hearing about this charge. Not because I was mad about paying an extra 5%, but I was blown away at the honesty being shown by this restaurant and it's staff. We were told if there was a problem with the new fee that a manager would be happy to discuss the charge with us. It was clear that the host didn't want to say anything about the fee, but to most of us it's not a huge deal, and especially right now given the conditions.

Most Customers See the Work You're Putting In

It's unbelievable how many food services workers are being treated right now. There are not very many people signing up to work in food service, which means ticket times are taking a bit longer. This by no means gives any customer the right to be a jerk to these employees. Most of us customers really appreciate the work you're doing.

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To Any Employee Who Has to Explain An Extra Fee

Don't be nervous or embarrassed to explain an extra charge, we know that is just part of the deal right now. We are fans of the restaurant that's why we're there and the last thing we want is to see it go out of business. So, understand that as customers most of us just appreciate the honesty about the new fee. Hopefully it doesn't last forever but we know that is not your decision and most customers aren't mad at you because you have to explain this new fee.

Again, thank you for what you do!

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