A Canadian radio host, who is a dad, has been getting some pushback from the public for his blogs. The dad admitted he favors his older son over his younger son. You can check out Buzz Bishop's blog, "Dadcamp," on  Babble.com, a parenting website.Do you think Bishop was just admitting to what a lot of people feel? I mean, do you feel that sometimes your personality and one of your child's personality just mix better?

On his blog Sept. 18, Bishop writes:

If I were to be absolutely honest, my older son is my favorite of the two. He and I are adventurous partners in crime, and I can't imagine life without him. He was an accident waiting to happen, and I'm so glad it did."

After some feed back from readers, Bishop wrote this:

Yes, I have a favorite son and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm guessing you could look deep in the mirror and admit you have a favorite too. My choosing Zacharie as my favorite is not about 'playing favorites,' or 'preferential treatment' when I'm parenting. I don't let Zacharie get away with anything because he's my first pick, I just .. y'know .. like him better."

Bishop was a guest this morning on "Good Morning America" to explain exactly what he means when he says he "likes" his older son more than his younger one.  Bishop told GMA he relates easier to the older son. He and his older son can "do more things together" and he is more fun. Bishop insists that he does not love son more than the other, he just likes them differently.

Readers of his blog were eager to give Bishop their opinion and most were extremely critical of his statements. Here's what one angry reader wrote:

 You really don't care that your kids could find this one day? I cannot imagine seeing something like this written by my mom or dad. No matter how secure you are in your parents' love as an adult, to read that I wasn't the favorite would be a crushing blow. In fact, reading that I WAS the favorite would be crushing as well because I would feel so awful for my sibling. WHY must you put this on the Internet?"

But their were some readers that defended  Bishop. Here is what commentator wrote:

I commend you for being so honest and I can relate. I have 3 children and their ages span from 3-12. I think you will see as they get older and the younger child can 'do more stuff' that your 'favorite' may go back and forth as their personalities develop and they go through phases of wanting to be close and express their independence. It's a shame that people can't just read the blog as written without trying to act so superior and having the 'Oh, I could NEVER' attitude. Kudos to you for being honest and HUMAN."

Jamie Howard, child psychologist, worries that favoring a child could have developmental problems  for children as they grow. Howard warns that the child may have more problems with relationships with friends and adults.

Bishop's wife, Jennifer, told the Daily Mail that she understood her husband's post.

I know where he's coming from, and I know he loves them both the same."

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