The biggest complaint that I hear about Downtown Tyler is parking, but the City of Tyler would like to change to perspective with the help of two new employees. Tyler's Downtown Ambassadors, Samuel Brady and John Baggett.

According to a Press Release from the City of Tyler, this new hospitality program will foster a visitor friendly tone in the downtown corridor. They hope to encourage parking turnover for the benefit of downtown businesses and to support the City’s efforts to further revitalize Downtown Tyler as outlined in the Tyler 1st plan.

“We know that sometimes it can be difficult to park downtown and quite often change is hard to come by,” said Tyler City Manager Ed Broussard. “We are hoping to make visiting downtown easier and more pleasant for all.”

Brady and Baggett will offer concierge services to Downtown Tyler patrons. They're easy to spot, because they are uniformed in the Convention and Visitors Bureau t-shirts with the phrase “Keep Tyler Rosy” on the back. Ambassadors are trained to assist visitors by providing information about events, maps of downtown, tourism, street closures, parking options, directions and dining recommendations.

Growing up in East Texas I've been surrounded by pump-jacks and oil wells all my life. Another exciting part of the plan is to bring about mobile pay parking meters in the future as well.

“This program is being implemented using existing staff and funding,” added Broussard. “I think it is a win-win for visitors and businesses in downtown.”

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