It was a great night last night with the Dancing With The Stars — no wardrobe malfunctions — just some fleet footed dancing and a great night of entertainment. It was really nice to see what year each of the dancers picked as their “Most Memorable Year” and the reason for the song used in their performance.

1. Rob & Cheryl – Fox Trot- Score 24 out of 30

He did great and dedicated his dance to his Father that passed away. This was his best dance so far.

2. Chynna & Tony- Rumba- Score 26

She danced to her song “Holding On”. She was so beautiful, elligant, and graceful. Great job.

3. Chaz & Lacey- Rumba-Score 18

They danced to a song by his dad. He tried so hard, but it wasn’t good.

4. Kristin & Mark- Somba- Score 24

Most memerable year for her was 2005. You can tell she is breaking out of her shell. I feel she has loosened up and looked like she was having fun.

5. Carson & Anna- Tango- Score 23

His favorite year was 2003. He tried to be so serious, but his dancing is funny. I love watching them. Lynn says, “You put the boy in flamboyant!”

6. J.R. & Karina- Rumba- Score 26

He dedicated his dance to those who’s lives have been lost in the military. It was a very touching story about his accident when he was 19. His dance was my favorite this whole season! It was absolutely stunning! It was so emotional — I could feel it through his dancing and it left lots of people in tears. Great!!

7. Nancy & Tristin- Waltz- Score 21-Most memerable year was 2007

She danced to Moon River, which was a song at her wedding and the first song she sang to her twins. Her dancing was pretty. I thought it was safe and kind of dull, nothing real memerable. She is still awkward at times.

8. Ricki & Derek- Rumba-Score 27 (highest for season)

She was gorgeous. She was so expressive and beautiful. I still liked J.R.’s a little better but the judges thought Ricki’s was the best this season. Her dancing has really shocked me. She is doing so much better than I had anticipated.

9. Hope & Makes- Chachacha- Score 24

2011 is her most memerable year due to the Soccer team earning 2nd place. I really like her although her dancing is pretty stiff. I hope she will get better.Towards the end it looked like Maks was dragging her around and her last dip at the end, she hit her hand on the stage light. She pouted her lips a lot like Ricki did last week.

10. David & Kym- Rumba- Score 24

He dedicated his dance to his daughter. He has a nice chest and abs! I feel he did a really good job.

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