Facebook has turned 10 years old! To celebrate, they're giving you a retrospective look at your history on Facebook, from your very first moments to your most popular posts.

The social networking company is celebrating a decade of connecting people to each other with something they're calling "A Look Back." Starting on Feb. 4, you'll be able to go to this link in order to see your biggest moments on Facebook.

When you follow the link, you'll be met with a video. You'll notice that the very first frame features tiles of pictures and moments that you've uploaded, with your profile picture in the very center. Get ready to explore a bit of your history!

When you press "play," the video runs through when you first joined, showing you your very first profile picture, as well as excerpts of your earliest posts. The piano in the background only serves to augment your feelings of nostalgia as you watch along.

The you'll see your most "liked" posts. This is where you'll either be really proud of your quips or get very embarrassed by some of the photos you've posted. And speaking of photos, you'll see a random mash-up of pictures you've uploaded throughout the years, all of which change appropriately with the music. It's as if you couldn't have edited the presentation better yourself.

Click the link above to check out your history with Facebook! Just be ready to relive any embarrassing moments!

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