Thanksgiving is coming up a week from tomorrow (November 27th) and many of us will be joining our families and extended families and gorging out on an overabundance of Thanksgiving food! It's what we do at Thanksgiving and throughout Christmas season, we've come to accept it!

We were talking in the office about our favorite Thanksgiving food and without a doubt I quickly answered my grandmothers dressing recipe. It's just something about it and each time my mom makes it, it reminds me of her. Now I can only assist in making the dressing, but when it comes to actually preparing it, I can't! There is no recipe (that I know of), it's all a guessing game and I do know it has cornbread, toast, a ton of butter, carmelized onions and celery, eggs, sage, pepper, salt and I think that's about all, but I'm probably forgetting somethingt though! We make a seperate batch too for those in our family that like things a little hotter, we'll add jalapeno peppers to one batch to satisfy them!

Although I don't know how to make it completely, its just fun being a part of it all and that's what the holidays are all about.

When it comes to dessert, pies seem to rule the table! We'd like to know, what is your favorite pie for Thanksgiving dessert. Vote in our online poll here.