I will admit that I'm one of the many millions of Americans who couldn't maintain discipline during this pandemic and chose to TRAVEL anyway despite recommendations against it. So I know it may seem a little "hypocritical" of me to criticize this guy but then again, I'm just a guy on the radio and not the MAYOR of a major Texas city. So Mayor, all I got say is...

According to a report from the Associated Press, Austin Mayor Steve Adler is getting some major heat from his constituents and others for a video he posted telling residents to be vigilant and stay home as coronavirus cases continue to rise in Texas. The problem is, Adler posted the video while he was vacationing with his family in MEXICO.

While Adler is known for doing a nightly livestream on Facebook, on Nov. 9th, he recorded a video warning residents that "We may need to close things down if we're not careful" but didn't bother to tell his livestream audience that he was in Cabo San Lucas hosting an outdoor wedding and reception with 20 guests for his daughter at a hotel.

While Adler claims attendees had to take a rapid COVID-19 test, maintain social distancing and distributed masks to guests, he further admitted that they probably didn't keep their masks on.

Adler's video comes as politicians across the country are saying one thing but doing the opposite when it comes to dealing with the pandemic. Telling residents to "be vigilant" and "stay home" while not following their own example. Adler, of course, apologized for his actions as the news comes out that Texas surpassed 9,000 hospitalized virus patients this week for the first time since a deadly summer outbreak.

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