A Texas man has become the walking definition of "hangry".

Hey, we've all been there. You order lunch, but the kitchen's backed up so your order takes forever.

Most of us just leave or play bar trivia while we wait, but a man in Houston decided the best possible solution was to grab a gun and threaten everyone in a Wing Stop location because his order was taking forever.

He must have been starving.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman reports that deputies were called to the Wing Stop Thursday after reports of disturbance. Witnesses said a man later identified as Tommye Nichols was upset about this food not being ready and began threatening to shoot everyone in the restaurant. He reportedly walked to his vehicle, grabbed a handgun, and went back inside to demand his food and his money back at gunpoint.

By the time police arrived, Nichols had already left the scene. His car was spotted in traffic and police were able to stop him and take him into custody. A gun was found in his possession.

"Tommye Nichols was arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail, charged with Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon," Constable Herman wrote in a news release. "His bond was set at $60,000 out of the 183rd District Court."

Boy, those wings sure got expensive.

Like I said, we've all gone a little nuts waiting for food that's taking way too long to come out. I don't care how good the food you're waiting for is - there's never an excuse for grabbing a gun and waving it around. Head somewhere else, grab some grub, and complain on Facebook and Yelp like a non-psychopathic person.

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