With Valentine's Day fast approaching, TheFrisky.com thought they'd give men an opportunity to tell women about all the other ways they say "I love you" without actually having to say it.

From the mind of a man, here are some ways he says he cares -- after the jump.

* "We happily go to something called 'Brunch,' which is French for, 'I Am castrated.'

* "We gladly let you drag us from department store to shoe store to candle store."

* "We change personal habits you think are 'bad,' but we think are 'whatever.'"

* "We know how you like your coffee, that you hate tomatoes, and your favorite ice cream is 'Chubby Hubby.'"

Just Asking ... What does your man do for you that shows you he loves you, EVEN if he doesn't say it? Do you ever fight about him not saying the L-word enough? Is there something you do for him that shows him how much you care?

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