As a lot of us headed back to work this morning, a lot of us probably wondered if we were going to be able to wear our properly fitting work clothes!

I was off for a week last week and during that week I over did it a few days, over ate! Thanks to Christmas dinner, being off my normal dining routine and then drinking and eating at a New Year's party, I felt like I gained a lot of weight! All last week I was relaxing at home in lounge wear and wearing jeans that were a size larger, just to feel a bit more comfortable! This morning came and I was wondering if I'd be able to wear my normal jeans and clothes to work and feel comfortable or did I just over do it and would have to wear larger clothes!

After getting ready, everything was fine! I had nothing to worry about. I sure hope you had the same results this morning.

Quite a few people I know ALWAYS make the resolution each year to hit the gym to get into shape but ultimately end up not going! So my question for you today is this...