Have you ever wondered how you got to be *ahem* of a certain age without knowing how to use simple everyday items? Yep, me, too!

Honestly, if you ask my mother, I don't have enough sense some days to use an umbrella in the rain. Sure, I may be a bit scattered at times, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know the reason for the way a screwdriver handle is shaped!

I can't believe this post has been shared so many times. At the time I posted this article, this little factoid had been shared from my Facebook page 113 times!

Maybe, with the help of social media, we'll all be a little bit smarter! Maybe...

Here are some more fun facts about things we should probably know about. Once again, mind BLOWN!

If you want to continue on your learning spree while 'sheltering in place,' might I recommend these weird laws on the books in Shreveport? Enjoy!

Weird Shreveport Laws

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