It's been a while since Kenny Chesney has talked with Big D and Bubba. Kenny got on the hotline to talk with Big D and Bubba about his new music, not being on the road because of the pandemic and how much he loves the ones he works with.

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Big D and Bubba opened by asking Kenny is he's staying in shape so he's ready to get back on stage. Kenny has and is ready to get back to touring. They hypothesised that it could be fall-ish when full fledged touring could begin.

Kenny's newest song is called "Knowing You." Big D described the song as "comfortable" which Kenny agreed with. Meaning that it came natural to him to sing and record the song. The video won't released until Friday (March 12) but you can listen to the song below:

Working for Kenny Chesney sounds like a great experience. He talked about that it takes something seriously bad to get fired by him. For instance, Kenny's producer, Buddy Cannon, has been with him for decades. Kenny has made it a point to surround himself with people he knows and is comfortable with.

As far as social media is concerned, we always see Kenny Chesney relaxed in a chair on a beach somewhere. He admitted that there are thousands of those photos somewhere in archive to pull up at a moments notice. To be Kenny Chesney must be pretty cool.

Kenny Chesney released the album Here And Now last year. It's already produced the number one hits "Here And Now" and "Happy Does" and the top ten hit "Tip Of My Tongue." "Knowing You" could be the latest number one from his nineteenth album.

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