High-speed chases involving the police and a suspect who refuses to give up are always scary. That turns into sheer terror when the chase involves a big rig. As many of us were getting ready to start Mother's Day weekend, a nightmare unfolded on I-40 near Groom, Texas.

18-Wheeler Leads Authorities On Multi-County Chase In Texas Panhandle

According to reports, this incident happened in Donley and Gray counties in the Texas panhandle along I-40. Supposedly, it all started when authorities tried to initiate a traffic stop. That didn't end the way officers thought it would, as the semi-driver decided to lead authorities on a chase. Donley County Sheriff's Office, Gray County deputies, and even game wardens got in on the chase.

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Eventually, spikes were used to bring the chase to an end. Many travelers got stuck having to take a detour as I-40 east of Groom, Texas was closed to traffic. Oddly enough, this isn't the first time something like this has happened in the Lone Star State.

Semi Truck Leads Officers On Chase In Houston, Texas

Late last year a semi-truck driver led authorities on a "slow speed chase" in Houston that ended in one of the most dramatic scenes I've seen in a while. Once again, it all started with officers initiating a traffic stop and the driver saying, "Nah, I don't think I'll do that."

This slow chase came to an end when spikes were deployed. Where the chase ended, a standoff began. For hours the driver remained in the vehicle and wouldn't come out. Gas and smoke were used to try and get them out. It didn't work. Eventually, a robotic arm was used to rip the passenger door off, and the driver was...removed...from the vehicle. In news footage from the incident in Houston, it's mentioned that the driver was "heavily impaired".

The idea of a chase happening while I'm on the road is terrifying by itself. The thought of a semi-truck leading authorities on a chase terrifies me. The thought of a big rig weaving in and out of traffic is a whole other level of nightmare.

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