In Texas, we are no strangers to people coming across our border from Mexico. Once across the border, even if caught, some are never deported for many reasons.

Many stay because they are refugees. There are big differences between migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants.

Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, violence, or persecution in their home country. In April of 2024, most refugees came to Texas from an entirely different side of the globe.

"All Eyes On Congo" Social Media Push Draws Attention

According to Forbes, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been a part of a new social media campaign on Instagram and other platforms. They are trying to put a focus on the country's warring internal factions and conditions in their mining operations.

The conflict has been going on for decades. The situation has displaced more than 6 million and another 6 million have died, according to recent estimates.

The African country has over 105 million residents, and conditions continue to deteriorate. Recently at least three Americans were arrested after a shootout in Kinshasha, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It was thought to be part of a coup led by Christian Malanga, a fringe political leader who once lived in the US. This area has been subjected to years of fighting between the country's military and Tutsi rebel groups.

What Does This Have To Do With Texas?

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Refugees from all over the globe are coming to the US through the Texas border. This war could be why the Congo is number one on our list.

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Where refugees in Texas are arriving from

Stacker compiled countries where refugees are arriving from in Texas using data from the Refugee Processing Center.

Gallery Credit: Stacker




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