The history of buildings is amazing.  Some buildings have seen over a century of change, while others have just decades.

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However, when a building is over 100 years old, you know many things have been done and seen inside its walls.

There has been a building in Dumas that has been in existence since the early 1900's

The business that currently calls this historic building home is the Toppled Turtle Brewing Company and it is the coolest place to visit.   In fact, they recently added a brick-oven pizza restaurant to the facility.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

However, the business that got its start was Phillips and Son General Store, Hardware store, etc.  The business was run by the Phillip's family starting in 1904 and lived through several generations through the mid-90s.  The building was later sold and since then has been a jewelry store, a quilt store, a cafe, and now a brewery.

The question remains, with that much history, is the building haunted?

The answer would be yes!

The building is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Chloe.  Chloe is described as a grandma in khakis and a plaid button-up shirt.  You might giggle at the description, but Chloe was a real person.   Chole was married to the original owner of the hardware store, and many people have said that she still haunts the building today.

Red Dirt Paranormal of Texas spent the night in the Topple Turtle Brewery back in 2021 and their findings found that yes, there is some paranormal activity in the building.

J.L. and Ashleigh Wiswell opened up the Topple Turtle Brewing Co back in 2020. Ashleigh was interviewed by Red Dirt Paranormal of Texas during the encounter in 2021.

Here are some examples of the paranormal activity:

  • She had said that the clock flew off the wall during an argument between two employees.
  • Employees have seen reflections of a person in the windows when they are alone
  • Employees hear footsteps in the building while being the only person in the building.
  • The owners of the coffee shop in the building have heard whispering
  • Mentions of Chloe the ghost moving items around.

In the video, you'll see orbs floating around the building.  They also heard an entity speak when asked a question, and at one point, an entity slapped one of the recording machines out of someone's hand.

With a building that old, it's only normal that it has some sort of paranormal activity inside the walls.

However, most would much rather hear about the ghost of a grandmother in khakis, than something more sinister.

I would encourage anyone to visit the Topple Turtle Brewing Co. and enjoy a drink and some brick oven pizza and kick back and relax, and who knows, maybe you'll see Chloe climbing the stairs, or a mist floating around you.

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