Miranda Lambert recently made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to talk about her new cookbook, Y'all Eat Yet?, and to spill some "Music Industea," as the show segment calls it.

During the segment, Cohen asked Lambert and fellow guest Meghan Trainor some rapid-fire questions, including their pick for the best album of 2023 so far. Lambert answered with a country star who is currently ruling the charts.

"I think Morgan Wallen's," Lambert says, referencing Wallen's One Thing at a Time album. "He's out there kicking ass."

Lambert clearly isn't the only one who digs the latest release by Wallen, as it has topped the Billboard Country Albums chart, Billboard 200 and other charts all over the world. However, she isn't simply a fan of the work — she had a hand in creating it.

Lambert co-wrote album track and Wallen's Platinum and No. 1 charting single, "Thought You Should Know." The "If I Was a Cowboy" singer also commented on Wallen's viral stage fall, which occurred late last month in Louisville, Ky.

"He's young. He's fine," Lambert says of the incident.

When talking about Wallen's fall, she was reminded of a stage accident of her own that ended with a minor injury. The singer explains that she was once performing her classic "tough song" "Gunpowder and Lead" when she experienced a bit of a mishap.

"I fell flat on my face during 'Gunpowder and Lead' trying to be all tough," Lambert recalls, "And I busted my lip when I fell on my microphone, so I had a bloody lip."

"But she kept going," adds Trainor.

"I did keep going!" Lambert confirms.

The country star released her book, Y'all Eat Yet?: Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin' Kitchen, on April 25. Within the book, Lambert shares some of her favorite family recipes from the women who helped shape her. 

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