If laughter and fun is the best medicine, then Morgan Wallen's soon-to-be-three-year-old son Indigo (aka Indie) is well on the road to recovery after suffering a dog bite to the face earlier this month.

The star's ex KT Smith -- who is also the young boy's mom, and whom Indie primarily lives with -- took Indie out for a fun shopping spree over the weekend. Along the way, they played a viral social media game in which Indie picked between two cards, without knowing what was written on each, to see which activity lay in store next.

First, she had him choose between ice cream and a cake pop -- and he picked the card with the latter written on it. After he got his treat, he picked a card that said they were going to Walmart to pick out some toys. As he was sitting in the shopping cart, she once again held out two cards for him to pick from, this time to decide whether he was going to five new toys or 10 new toys at the store that day. Suffice to say, Indie made the right decision.

Fans who have been following little Indie's life on his mom's social media know that he's a huge fan of toy cars, so it's no surprise that cars were heavily featured in the 10 toys the little boy picked out at the story. At the end of his big day out, Indie smiles in front of a couch full of new toys, and plays with some of his cars while he's in pajamas before bed.

Indie required a trip to the ER and stitches after being bitten by Smith's rescue dog, a Great Pyrenees named Legend. The little boy was still rocking a pretty sizeable band aid over his cheek during their shopping spree, and the video also marked the first time Smith has shown fans a complete picture of her son's face since the incident. In an update video after he came home from the hospital, she told her followers that she was rocking a similar band aid over her own cheek to help him feel "normal" about his injury.

After Indie's injury, Smith quickly worked to rehome the dog who bit her son, appealing for help on social media to make sure Legend went to a family who could provide him with a good life without young children. Legend ultimately found a new family on a farm in eastern Tennessee.

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