Texas' love for Buc-ee's in unmatched by many.

The Texas Original has many admirers, and we've of course seen many show their love in multiple ways. Everybody has their favorite product from the famous gas station of course. But there's always someone, or in this case, a couple, that do something unheard of recently.

What could one couple in the Lone Star State have done? Could they have bought out an entire store's worth of Beaver Nuggets? Maybe set a record for visiting Buc-ee's in a day?

Well, if you guessed those, you'd sadly be wrong. Rather, a couple tied the knot in the famous gas station.

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Saying "I Do" In A Texas Buc-ee's With The Beaver In Attendance Of Course

The video of the moment can be seen here:

The details of the moment were revealed by KVUE. Taking place in Royse City, Texas, Stan Sigler and his wife wore their Buc-ee's best for the moment. Don't worry, they did indeed ask to have the ceremony inside the location before they indeed did so.

Of course, the minister had to reference where they were during the moment, stating after the couple said I do: "I pronounce you husband and wife and you may now buy Beaver Nuggets."

But, this wasn't the only interesting thing to happen at Buc-ee's. An actual beaver showed up at the gas station. Perhaps to check up on how the business was going?

One thing has been confirmed: Love for Buc-ee's in Texas is universal!

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