When you hear of an animal attack in Texas, you usually think of perhaps a dog attacking someone, a lion attack, or maybe even a deer attacking a human. But this story is probably one of the craziest animal attack stories to ever come out of Texas, maybe even around the world. It involves a woman doing yard work, a hawk & a snake that fell from the sky.

How did a Texas woman get attacked by a hawk AND a falling snake and where did this happen?

It honestly sounds like something that would've come straight from a horror movie (or in my case, a NIGHTMARE). But it happened in Texas on July 25, 2023.

A 64-year-old woman from Silsbee, Texas, named Peggy Jones was mowing her lawn when out of nowhere, a giant 4 ft. long snake landed on Peggy's arm and wrapped itself around her arm. Shortly after that, a hawk (presumably the thing that was CARRYING the snake), attacked Peggy in an attempt to retrieve its meal.

Thankfully Peggy was not bitten by the snake. She survived the attack but her arm was badly cut up from the double attack. Even after hearing her retelling of what happened, it's still hard to believe this actually happened...

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Thank God Peggy is ok now, but this opens up a NEW form of terror to experience. Not only do you have to keep your eyes open for snakes on the ground, but now you need to be extra vigilant from any skyward snakes coming to attack you!

There might be other places where snakes can be hiding in Texas too so keep an eye out...

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