In 2015 Jamey Johnson will be making music as he sees fit. Johnson, has carved out a niche doing country music the way he wants to, and because of this has always seemed to be chilling on the outside, looking in.

With the launch of Big Grassed Records, comes FREE music! a song called Alabama Pines. Johnson says of the song:

It was January 1, 2000, and I had just moved to Nashville. Two pickup trucks of old, second-hand furniture, two Japanese Akitas I had recently busted out of the Montgomery humane shelter, and my best friend Luke Garner and I were loading into my new place — a duplex in the Hermitage. My New Year’s resolution was already fulfilled. Everything that had happened after that was bonus. ‘Alabama Pines’ is my love letter to the time and place from whence I came.

Most promising for fans, Johnson says his new label will allow him to make and release music on his own terms.


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