Jason Aldean fans can draw a breath of relief (or excitement). His newest project, another full-length album, is almost ready for release!

"The album's great," Aldean noted to The Boot and other outlets during a recent party for his newest No. 1 single, "Girl Like You," He added that the vocals are laid down, and it's just about ready to go: "It should be done completely probably within the next month."

Aldean worked on the record while keeping an eye on the home front, as the studio he recorded in happened to be in the house of an engineer living directly across from the temporary housing Aldean and family are biding time in while they wait for construction on their new home to be completed.

While wife Brittany wrangles toddler Memphis and infant Navy, Aldean is happy to be nearby but busy with his own separate work. " If I sit at home too long … I start going a little stir crazy," he explains. (He's actually on tour right now, so there is not much danger of getting cooped up, at least not for the time being.)

Aldean, who describes himself as a longtime album aficionado, says he'll keep making full-length projects as long as his fans want them. "I enjoy making albums," he says of the process, adding that he doesn't like the idea of cutting standalone singles.

"You go in every few months and cut one song? That just sounds like it sucks. That’s not the way I’d like to make music; that’s not why I got into it. So my plan is to make albums as long as I feel like people want to hear them."

There's no word on a specific release date yet, nor a title. Aldean released his most recent album, Rearview Town, in April 2018. The record's title track is his current single.

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