JB Patterson, of JB and the Moonshine Band, is a very detail-oriented person, and has been as long as I've known him. And I'm sure long before we ever met. So it should be no surprise that when folks started questioning the lack of gun safety depicted in his band's new promo pic, he was quick to set the record straight.

"We are thankful for the opportunity to raise awareness about 2nd Amendment rights with our new single “Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45”. It is also creating an opportunity to bring awareness to gun safety!

The response to our cover art for the single has been overwhelmingly positive, however, a couple of people have brought up a great point. In the photo, it appears that some basic gun safety rules are being broken.

Rule #1 You should keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. This is a very logical, sensible rule that we should all follow.

In the picture above, some of us have our fingers on the trigger. Ironically, my finger is not on the trigger, but in reality I would be justified if it was because my particular pose is a ready-to-shoot position. But that’s just it… IT’S A PICTURE.

This picture, and the photo-shoot, are a different environment than “real life.” We make ART. That’s what we do. Just to illustrate that point, here are a few other pieces of photographic artistry featuring people you might recognize. Countless more examples are a Google search away."

Kudos to JB for jumping at the opportunity to not only connect with fans personally, but also to address a serious issue.

And that behind-the-scenes look of the photo shoot is pretty interesting in itself.

Click here to read the rest of what JB had to say. JBMB's new album, "Mix Tape," will be out this summer. Check out a sneak peek of "Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45" here.

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