[/caption]I get to meet a lot of musicians doing this job that I am so privileged to do. The very first time I met the guys from JB and the Moonshineband (JBMB) was nearly 2 years ago on a Saturday night, live on the radio and since then I've watched as their music career has been catapaulted into hyperdrive.  Article continues after "the jump" [Read More]

They've gone  from hanging with me on the radio here in East Texas to opening for the biggest names in Texas and Nashville, to sellout crowds of their own, to regualr airplay on Texas and XM radio, to massive  iTune downloads from all over the U.S. and have managed to land a great record deal.  And in the mean time we've become great friends.

It is because of this that I am so proud to share this post with you today.  JBMB's video for 'Perfect Girl' which has nearly 220,000 views on youtube was just released to GAC earlier this month and now sits at number 2 on GAC Video Center Top Picks Channel. Sandwiched between a great video from former Staind frontman Aaron Lewis's 'Country Boy' featuring George Jones and Charlie Daniels and "Miss Millions of Records Sold" Taylor Swift's 'Back To December'. Yep, as of today, my boys JBMB are number 2, ahead of Taylor Swift!

If you haven't seen it yet here it is, be sure to go and vote for these East Texas boys at GAC.

My name is Buddy Logan, I host Radio Texas LIVE on 101.5 KNUE and to anyone reading this post know this, the song 'Perfect Girl' from JBMB is going Top 40 on The Country Billboard Chart, write that down.