I was born into a proud restaurant family. we share love through food. It's hard to explain to outsiders who don't understand why every family gathering revolves around food. You just have to hang with us for a while to "get it".

I aimlessly scroll through Facebook not looking for anything in particular. A post caught my attention and I went down the rabbit hole. Of course, the post was a Mexican food recipe, one that I feel my mother would approve of. So I started following the page and I am convinced this page is every Mexican food lover's dream.

If you're spending more time at home and are craving some authentic Mexican food, you can make it yourself. So far, I have made 3 recipes from this page and every single one is DELICIOUS! Follow "Mexican Recipes to Learn & Share" by clicking here.

In case you're wondering what post caught my eye, check out the YouTube video below:

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