Earlier this month we watched as a man proposed to married his girlfriend on the same day, planning her dream wedding with the help of Pinterest. We saw another grand gesture Lip-Dub proposal - what could top those? Watch this man take his girlfriend on a journey that leads to the proposal of a lifetime... get your tissues ready.

On April 13th, Justin Baldoni proposed to his girlfriend, Emily, at Blu Jam Cafe, the restaurant where they had their first date. He asked her to meet him at the restaurant for a surprise. He told her that he was running late, and that the surprise was that the restaurant was opening on Saturday for the first time - and holding a table for them.

Before Emily arrived, Justin placed hidden cameras throughout the room to capture her reaction. When Emily arrives she find candles lit everywhere and TV set up across from her reserved table. As she looks around, settles in and asks, "What is happening?" - Justin appears on the TV.


He tells her he loves her, and realizes that she has probably figured out what is going on right now, that he is trying to propose. He goes on to say that he wants it to be special, romantic and something that she will never forget.

Next we see Justin try to find the perfect way to propose. First he tries to do it at a radio station, then he tries to recreate romantic music videos with his friends. He starts off with *NSYNC's 'God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You', abandons that to move on to Boyz II Men, ABBA and finally finds the right Bruno Mars song.


He and his friends create the perfect Flash Mob to 'Marry You', but wait where is Emily? Next thing he knows his fathers shows up with a suit jacket, briefcase and magic tool that transports Justin into a movie trailer.

Justin is now on the run to get to the Blu Jam Cafe and his future bride. On his way he meets a man who trades his briefcase for a tiny box filled with light. The light blinds Justin, and he sees visions of Emily. We see slices of her daily life, smiling, laughing, dancing and loving life.

When Justin does arrive to the restaurant, his family is waiting outside with loving advice before he walks in to greet Emily.

When Justin walks through the door, Emily gets up to meet him, and he presents her with her favorite flower. He takes her hands and tells her that life has never been more beautiful, and that she makes him a better man. Knowing how important family is to her, he invites his family in and then surprises her with her mom - in from out of town.


His final surprise, he shows a video of himself at Emily's fathers grave requesting his blessing for their marriage. At this point, he gets down on one knee and ask hers if she will allow him to take care of her for the rest of his life, start a family with him and finally if she will marry him.

To which she replies, "Such a stupid question. Yes."

The video is 30 minutes long, but worth the watch as you laugh and cry along with Emily as Justin proposes in grand fashion.