Apparently, Kane Brown lives in Patrick's office.

Remember a while back when Big D and Bubba pointed out Patrick's squeaky shoes. Well, they had to show it off for Kane. They introduced it to possibly sample in his next song.

In his song, "Good As You", some listeners say that he's saying "more than just a cervix." Kane confirmed it's not that, the line is "more than a surface." Another current song with mistaken lyrics is Ariana Grande's "Thank you, next." Some say it says "Bacon, eggs." Honestly, that makes the song better.

Kane was most excited to talk about his wife. He talked about her graduation with a degree in Music Management. She is also pregnant with their second child while working on that degree. They are not sure yet if they're done with kids, though.

Kane Brown is on a role as far as hit songs. His current hit is "Good As You."

But his other hits are "Heaven."

And "Lose It."

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