Thompson Square's Keifer Thompson has been pretty quiet lately -- literally. The duo has cancelled several shows while he's rested his vocal chords. He was even instructed to not speak for two weeks. Recently, the singer shared some good news about his vocal future. 

In an interview with Country Weekly, Thompson said, "I had a really bad hemorrhage, and it's completely healed, resolved and the polyp is about 70 percent down, so they don't want to do surgery now." He also added that doctors and vocal coaches have taught him a different way to sing to protect his vocal cords.

While he's received lots of support from the other half of the duo -- his beautiful wife Shawna -- Keifer found the most comfort in reaching out to others who have experienced the same vocal woes. The group includes country stars Keith Urban, Gary Allan,  and Larry Gatlin. They calmed the 'Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About' hitmaker down.

"[They] talked me off a ledge and told me that it was OK," he said.

Although having vocal problems is especially serious when you're a singer, the two-week talking ban provided a funny form of entertainment for the Thompsons. When they'd get separated in stores, instead of calling each other's name, they whistled for each other. "It was like Marco Polo, and we'd finally find each other and figure it out or whatever," he said.

"What's fun is fighting when you can't talk. That's pretty funny. You get really animated."

The 2013 Vocal Duo of the Year is expected to hit the road again on Friday (June 21). Hopefully they'll keep up the Marco Polo in stores, though -- it just sounds like fun!

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