Kellie Pickler‘s new album is called ’100 Proof,’ and she brought it to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ both literally and figuratively. She performed ‘Where’s Tammy Wynette,’ which is the first song on the new album. She also gifted Ellen DeGeneres, who had a birthday earlier this week, with a jar of moonshine! Pickler brought a little taste of the South right to DeGeneres’ front door, so to speak.

DeGeneres took a hesitant whiff from the mason jar and was nearly knocked over, saying, “Wow,” to which Pickler replied, “You don’t need vitamins, and it’ll put hair on your chest.” That’s some fortifying stuff in that jar.

Pickler also talked about heading to St. Lucia to celebrate her one-year anniversary, revealing that there were nets surrounding the bed to keep the “critters” out, like the bugs.

During her chat, Pickler was full of boundless energy, emitting a super cute “Southern gal caught in the big city” vibe. If Pickler wasn’t sipping from the moonshine jar before her visit with, she must have been knocking back a few dozen Red Bulls. The girl’s got spunk.

Pickler then performed the super twangy ‘Where’s Tammy Wynette’ and brought a whole lot of country cuteness to the ‘Ellen’ stage.

Watch Kellie Pickler Chat With Ellen About Moonshine, Anniversary

Watch Kellie Pickler Perform ‘Where’s Tammy Wynette’