Kilgore's 4 Star Cinema is back with its 2018 Fall Film Festival and six films for you to enjoy this Fall.

Festival daily show times are scheduled at 2:00 pm, 4;15 pm, 7:00 pm and 9:15 pm. The festival which began on Sunday will run through Oct. 11.

They say behind every great man is a devoted wife, and this film tells her story. Her devotion, char and grace behind his fame and accomplishments, and what went on behind the scenes through the years. Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce star.


Paul Rudd stars as an enigmatic ball player drafted to serve as a spy during WWII. His ability to speak nine languages, and Ivy League background serve him well, along with his ability to keep secrets.



The Mr. Rogers documentary you may have missed earlier this season is back in theaters for a few days during the Fall Film Festival. See the man behind the popular children's show in this intimate portrait of Fred Rogers.


Family comes together through music in this Sundance film. Dad and daughter write a song that garners attention online. Will this be a path they go down together? Nick Offerman stars.


The true story of identical triplets separated at birth, who by coincidence find one another in 1980. They will inspire you, and also make you think.


What happens when you meet your rock idol? This comedy takes a look at life's second chances.

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