I learned today that Dottie Hunt, former Rockette and founder of Dottie Hunt's School of Dance passed away last week. While I don't recall taking classes from Dottie, herself, many years ago I toddled through her studio.

At the awkward age of three, my parents enrolled me in beginning dance classes at the Dottie Hunt School of Dance on Pine Tree Rd in Longview. I was round and awkward, but I sure did make an effort. A few years ago, I was rifling through some old home videos when I came across my first dance recital.

What I lacked in natural dancing ability and grace, I seemed to make up for in charm and cheek. Despite not being chosen as the leader during my recital, I found a way to make it happen in the video below.

Many years later, I returned to the school where Dottie's daughter, Michelle Wood, continued to teach. At 14, I spent a year learning to twirl, and even led the school in the Longview Christmas Parade.

Though Dottie has passed, her legacy will live on... even in awkward and unexpected ways as it has with me.

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