Miranda Lambert may be nothing short of a bona fide badass in her professional life, but fans know there are two things that speak to her softest side: Her husband Brendan McLoughlin, and her dedication to pet rescue.

Both of these came in to play recently, as the singer shared on social media on Sunday (June 28). She and McLoughlin were cruising along a Texas highway at the full speed limit when he suddenly slowed down and did a U-turn. Lambert asked him why, and the answer is nothing short of adorable.

"There's a kitten in the road and I knew you would kill me if I saw it and didn't stop," he told her.

The couple picked up the little fellow — a ridiculously cute orange and white tabby with blue eyes — and committed to taking him back to Nashville. "I guess the rescue ways are rubbing off on him," Lambert notes of her hubby.

The kitten, dubbed "Tequila," paid a visit to Lambert's parents (Dad made a new buddy, according to the singer) and then rode on McLoughlin's shoulder for part of the nine-hour drive back to Tennessee (swipe right on the photo to see all the cute details).

Lambert proudly tells fans that Tequila was "such a champ" sharing the car with them, as well as three of the couple's dogs. She estimates the baby's age to be around 4-5 weeks old and gives his weight at a feather-light 14 ounces.

Probably the last thing Lambert needs is another pet — the MuttNation rescue charity founder already has a crowd of canines, felines, equines, and even a new flock of chickens — but the superstar just can't resist adding to her already large family. She'll have lots of time to devote to her animals (and further converting her husband to her softie ways) for the rest of the summer, as the remainder of her 2020 Wildcard Tour has been moved to October due to COVID-19 restrictions.

See Pictures of Miranda Lambert's Expansive Tennessee Farm:

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