My General Manager just sent this video to all of us here at t work. I watched it, and it spoke to me. I hope you watch it and you are motivated in whatever you do. Whether you're having a hard time at the moment or or not, this will lift you up and hopefully give you strength.

"Why Do We Fall"

This is for all of us who work hard, but it seems it's never enough. This for all us who feel that we can't ever please enough, this is for those who have given up on life, this is for all of us who at some time or another, have felt someone is trying to bring them down, this video is for those who have lost faith, this is for those who need that extra push and reminder that you can do it, and you will! This is for all of those who suffer and feel like giving up, this for you, this is me, this is for dads, moms, and the weak. This is for all of us who work in the trenches and think it goes unnoticed. Guess what? It doesn't matter, because all you need to know is that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. You need to be true to yourself. This is for those who feel threatened in the workplace, for those who have lost their way in life, for those of us who are sick. This just isn't for professional football, baseball, basketball players, this is for regular people like you and me. All you need, is to know that your maker will give you the strength to realize your dream that may seem so hard to attain. Don't listen to those haters, doubters, those who push their weight around to make themselves look better. You are in charge of you, and if you are putting your best out there everyday, then you my friend, are a success!

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