Happy Halloween, y'all!

Yes, I know I'm crazy, but I sincerely struggle with eating candy that is cute--like gummi bears, for example.

Thankfully, I can't think of any particular "trigger" Halloween candy that causes me to struggle. So excuse me while I quickly devour my Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins. Ugh--no you can keep that candy corn. ;)

However, ever since I was a little girl, I've struggled with eating "cute" food. Perhaps it's because I've always loved animals and little creatures of all kinds.

I remember the first time I found a chocolate Easter bunny in my basket. It was pretty and I definitely was fond of chocolate. When it came time to open the box and take a bite--I faltered.

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WHY on earth would I be comfortable eating something so clearly adorable?

Now I know the solutions people come up with: Just eat the feet first and leave it's bunny ears alone.

WHAT? NO! Then it will just be sad without it's feet.

Eat the head first? Well, that seems more human but still. Eventually I'd give in, close my eyes, and remind myself it's chocolate.

Fast forward to adult years, and you'd think I'd have put all of that behind me.

OK, yes--it's become somewhat easier. However, I still have to give myself a tiny pep talk before I pop a gummi bear into my mouth. I mean, it's like eating tiny Winnie the Pooh's or something. Ghastly.

Same for those Peeps they sell in the spring. I mean, why do they have to make food that's cute? Of course, I struggle to eat the the gummi worms, too--but that's a bit easier.

Heck, yeah I'm oversensitive for sure. I mean, I'm that person that feels a bit sad for the lobsters in the tank at restaurants.

Should I seek therapy? ;)

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