Wow! It looks like this mysterious whirlpool, vortex, or what ever you may call it, devours everything that comes near it. This whirlpool is near the riverbank of the Daugava River, in Dviete, Latvia.

While most whirlpools in nature occur because of fast moving currents meeting one another in opposite directions (sometimes caused by ocean tides), the phenomenon resembles a draining bathtub.

This particular whirlpool, has formed by water from the swollen river flowing into an inlet on the upstream side of a bridge. All of the debris is funneled under the road and flows downstream.

According to the European Federation for Rural Tourism, Latvia's Dviete river valley, where this video was filmed, is home to a massive wetland during flooding season. The marsh serves as a critical area for birds, both for nesting and migration.  Hopefully the birds know to stay away from the deadly whirlpool.