This is an awesome story! The new NASA X-ray image took a photo of an object in space that looks like the "Hand of God"! The photo is really a star that exploded and gave off an huge cloud of material.  NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, caught the image in what they call   high-energy X-rays, shown in blue in the photo.

According to Huffington, this is the statement made by NuStar telescope principal investigator Fiona Harrison, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena:

"NuSTAR's unique viewpoint, in seeing the highest-energy X-rays, is showing us well-studied objects and regions in a whole new light," NuSTAR telescope  said in a statement.


The so-called "Hand of God" is said to be an example of  pareidolia. I looked it up and pareidolia is the phenomenon of seeing familiar shapes in random or vague images. Examples could be seeing faces of famous people in the clouds. According to the story on Huffington Post, It is actually produced by natural  astrophysical phenomena.

Pretty awesome!