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Most Texans view the annual inspection of their cars & trucks as a nuisance that can't be avoided, especially since showing "proof of passing" has become part of the yearly registration renewal process.

As of January 1 of 2017, there is a new requirement that's been added to the vehicle inspection checklist, and if yours doesn't meet the threshold, there could also be a traffic ticket coming your way! Tell your friends because most people do not know about this but law enforcement certainly does.

This latest area of "auto inspection attention" focuses directly on a vehicle's rear center brake light, according to KLTV-7

This does not apply to all vehicles, however. The third, center brake light was not always the norm for cars. Cars before 1985 and those without the center brake light are exempt, as are trucks manufactured before 1994. If your vehicle doesn't already have the light, then you're good to go.

A lot of people have been angered over the new law, however the reason is for road safety. The more lights to warn you about a sudden stop, the better.

Below is a video showing that replacing/fixing your center brake light can be relatively inexpensive (and easy for car people) as sometimes this replacing this on certain vehicles can get costly, relatively speaking.

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