When you think you've done everything there is to do in your town, why not take a little road trip with some friends? Read more to see some of my favorite tips that make for the perfect road trip!

As a college student, I'm an avid road-tripper on the weekends (well the ones where we have away football games anyway). During my time at college, I feel as though I have mastered the art of road trips - snacks, music and everything else necessary for a great time on the road.

Don't believe me? Then try some of these tips on your next road trip and tell me it's not a great time.

Jam Out

While the right choice for music is obviously right here on KNUE, when I'm on road trips I tend to use my iPod so I can carefully select all the songs myself. I'm a big fan of throwing on some 90s hits and singing at the top of my lungs in the car. I try to mix in a few of today's hits in my playlists as well, but only if I feel prepared enough to sing every single word. Not only does singing provide entertainment on the road, but it also helps time pass much more quickly (a huge bonus for long road trips!).


You can't go on a road trip without snacks - that would be absurd. However, there's an art to selecting the right snacks depending on where you are going and how far the destination is from your departure point. For shorter road trips, I usually try and grab some cookies or some kind of salty snack (chips, Chex Mix, Gardetto's, etc.). You don't want anything too filling or messy in the car! For longer road trips, it's all about planning in advance - popcorn, brownies, or any substantial snack is the way to go. The less you have to stop on road trips for food, the better!

Choose Your Company Carefully

Road trips are meant to be fun...not miserable. This might be the most important aspect of making the road trip perfect because if your co-pilots in the car aren't any fun, then more than likely you aren't going to be optimizing your good time! Make sure the people you're going with have the same expectations for not only the road trip itself, but also for the final destination. Road trips bring people close together, but they can also backfire and cause a bit of drama if you aren't careful!

Have a Plan...Kinda

Part of the fun of taking road trips is the spontaneity associated with them, so you never want to have a completely detailed schedule for them. Obviously it's important to set a time that you are leaving and a general idea of what time you would like to arrive, but let the rest take its own course! If you see a sign for a fun attraction, go. If you see a billboard advertising anything labeled, "The World's Best," why not go try and see if it's true? Even if they aren't as great as the signs said they were, at least you'll have a fun new memory of that one time you stopped on your road trip to try "The World's Best Fried Apple Pie" or something equally bizarre!

Inspired to take a road trip yet? You should be. Grab some friends, grab some snacks, make a new playlist and get ready for all sorts of adventures! Oh, and pics or it didn't happen.