Shane Smith & the Saints is one Texas' most dynamic and most must-see live bands in our scene. Unfortunately, we haven't had many opportunities to jam with the guys this year cause of that damn worldwide pandemic.

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Apparently Shane is getting restless for shows just like us. Today (July 30) he told fans that he is tired of not playing live music and will be surprising us with a live streamed concert tonight at 7:30 pm CST.

Shane Smith and the Saints received their first taste of radio success in 2013 with hits including "Dance the Night Away," and "Feather in The Wind." From there they have grown into one of the scene's most respected bands.

Last summer, Shane and the boys released their epic, Hail Mary, in parts, featuring their most recent smash, "Heaven Knows." Man are we looking forward to the chance to see these guys full-band in person once again.

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