Snapchat is a new app for your smart phone that is pretty darn popular. Why? Because it is actually pretty darn cool. Snapchat is a quirky way to show your family and friends what you are doing. A new for of social media, this app is being used by almost everyone. But, are they doing it right?

Snapchat is a photo app that gives you a chance to express yourself. It is unique because the photos or videos you send out to your contact list only can be viewed for a short time and are quickly deleted. You can draw on your picture. Writing messages or giving the photos and videos captions can be a lot of fun to get creative with. The app is loads of fun to keep you connected with your family and friends without havign to scroll for hours down the Facebook feed.

You can take a screen shot of an image you are sent, but it lets the original sender know that you did so. What a quirky idea, huh?

Though it has already seen some problems with privacy issues, Snapchat has been able to bounce back quickly. Now that it is a much safer app to use, lets learn some Snapchat etiquette.


Like every other information sharing app, there are some guidelines for using Snapchat.

1. Duckface


Stop with the duckface.

Snapchat is a new way for you to share that gorgeous face of yours. When you duckface, you are ruining it. No, your lips do not look more plump. No, you don't look cute or that you are giving a "kissy" face. You look horrible. HORRIBLE. Use this new app to show your good side.



This is another trend that needs to go away. YOLO.

Sure, this was cool at first. All the hipsters said it before it was cool, now no one should. Because, it is NOT cool. It isn't even funny to say in a cliche context. Just stop.

3. Disrespect



Especially get off your phone if you are going to be disrespectful to others around you. You are wasting your time just to look like a jerk. Use Snapchat to pick on friends, not people that might be hurt and misunderstand your "twerking" joke.

4. Future Job Opportunities


When you post a picture anywhere on the internet, social media sites, and Snapchat; you are sharing this with everyone in the world forever. All information is stored somewhere just waiting to come back and bite you on the butt.

Putting up embarrassing photos of yourself can make it difficult for you to be taken seriously in other areas of your life. Imagine what a future employer will think about this girl's weird announcement.

5. Nudity


"Girl look at that body" might seem funny now. But, imagine all of those nude or next to nothing clothing pictures you are sending out making it into the wrong hands.

Have a bit of self respect and stop posting photos of your skin. There are too many people that will take advantage of your strip tease.


1. Be funny

We all want to use this app to have a bit of fun. Be smart and kind and have a great time. Snapchat can be an easy way to pass on information about yourself, your day, and show people your funny side.

2. Learn the Tricks

These smart people out there that have figured out the short cuts and cool tricks to use while you are on Snapchat.

3. Be Creative

Don't just send endless "selfies", give the world something great to be surprised with.

Have fun, folks!