Every once in a while weird thoughts go through my mind and just yesterday I thought, "Where does South Broadway begin?" I thought this because we hear South Broadway quite a bit whether it's on Mix 93-1, the television or just giving directions. If you're describing to someone where Best Buy is for instance, you'll probably just tell them it's on South Broadway.

I know technically South Broadway begins on the square in Tyler and goes south, but for me South Broadway doesn't begin until Loop 323. I'm guessing it's because I live in South Tyler and when I think of places like the Azalea Post Office or Stein Mart or Bergfeld Park, I just refer to that stretch as Broadway and when it comes to the mall, Lowe's, Gander Mountain and places farther down the road, that is all South Broadway to me and anything around the square or beyond is North Broadway.

After asking Mandee Montana this question, she defined South Broadway in the literal sense and to her it begins from the Square, partly because she has a lot of interaction in the downtown area. So I asked my wife the same question last night and she thinks more along the same lines I do.

So I did a quick Google search for S. Broadway and received the following results:


A closer view:


I guess Google kinda agrees with me, because it shows the area south of Loop 323 too!