I caught the new ABC show Black-ish last night for the very first time and it was the content in the show that caught my attention and made me watch the show. The parents were debating whether or not to spank their youngest child because he kept playing hide and seek from them after being told not to run away or hide from them in public.

After the dad learned about what his youngest son did in public he and his wife thought it was time to re-introduce spanking in their home as a form of punishment. The dad asked his co-workers if they were spanked as kids and they all said yes and he said that's it then, my son is getting a spanking when I get home! That's when his co-workers turned on him questioning him and saying you can't do that.

In the end, the dad doesn't spank his kid, but behind closed doors he tells his son he was very disappointed with him and the kid just loses it and runs out of his dad's room crying leaving the mom and other siblings thinking he just got a spanking.

After watching this show I thought about the following and was wondering...