Get ready to deck those halls!

I have a little confession to make. Last year, my Christmas tree was up on October 25. I know, it sounds crazy, but I have a valid reason. My husband and I had just moved into a house and rather than lug that tree up into the attic, we decided to just set it up in the living room.

Although we'll wait a little longer this year, it was actually a really nice way to welcome us to our new home.

But decorating early isn't a bad thing. Studies say that it actually makes you happier. And apparently, it doesn't make others as angry as you may think.

A recent survey from says that putting up your decorations by November 1 is OK. Nearly half (43 percent) of Americans are cool with it. So even if you're neighbor is a total Scrooge, many people in the 'hood will like the fact that you too that holiday leap early.

Even though I probably won't decorate until mid-November, I'm definitely going to start letting the holiday music creep in.

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