My Sim City Addiction Has Gotten Even Worse
Not only am I addicted to the SimCity BuildIt app, but now I have two. I realized at some point this weekend that I could download the app to my smart phone and have a second city.
I realize that the addiction has only gotten worse, so instead of fighting it I have just let it take over all of my spa…
Sweet Dreams – Dream:ON App For iPhone
OK, now this is crazy! Or is it? They now have a phone app that will influence your dreams for your iPhone. Dream:ON was designed by Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire in Britain, who said it may be possible to influence dreams by monitoring people's sleep patterns to fi…
There’s An App For That! [VIDEO]
Walking can be hazardous to your health! That is, if you're using your smartphone while walking. You run the risk of walking right into traffic, a light pole or off a bridge. But now -  there's an "App for that!"